About Us

The MESA Mission
How can we encourage African American, Native American, Latino/Latina, and female students to pursue college math, science and engineering studies that lead to rewarding careers?

Oregon MESA’s mission is to provide students underrepresented in the fields of mathematics, engineering, science and technology with the skills, knowledge and opportunities to develop their talents, explore technology-based careers, enter college and compete successfully in the workforce.


The MESA USA Vision
To support the national science and mathematics educational agenda by ensuring that MESA students develop a high level of literacy in mathematics and science so they can play a leading role within an increasingly technology-based world.

Oregon MESA is a member of MESA USA , a partnership of MESA programs from nine states that share a common academic enrichment model. There are currently MESA programs in the following states: Arizona , CaliforniaColorado Maryland New Mexico Oregon , PennsylvaniaUtah and Washington . Three additional states have pilot programs. To learn more about MESA USA , please visit this website:


Oregon MESA Vision

Our mission at Oregon MESA is to create opportunities for underrepresented students in Oregon to achieve their full potential and contribute in the fields of mathematics, engineering and science. We know that by doing this, our students will impact future generations of underrepresented students to contribute to a community of global thinkers, leaders, and innovators in mathematics, engineering, and science related fields.

In addition to providing the technical education necessary for students to succeed in these fields, our goal at Oregon MESA is to instill professional leadership skills and values into our students, a critical task for any young professional preparing to enter the workforce.