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Volunteer registration for MESA Day 

MESA Day is a celebration of students’ innovation, hard work, and interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.  MESA Day provides a fun and exciting opportunity for over 250 diverse 6th-12th grade students to design and build projects, compete against their peers, and learn by doing. They also receive the chance to visit a college campus and interact with college students, professors, and industry professionals like you! Time and time again, our MESA Day evaluations show adult judges and activity leaders on MESA Day are the most influential reasons why students enjoy the event and feel like they can pursue a career in science, technology, engineering, or math.

The top middle and high school teams will go on to compete against other MESA USA teams in the National Design and Engineering Challenge in June 2015.

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Chapter Presentations

MESA chapter meetings take place during the regular school year as extra-curricular activities.  While chapters work throughout the year on projects for MESA day, short term projects which support the core MESA curriculum may take place also.  For example, one of this year’s projects is figuring out low-cost, efficient mechanisms for water filtration and transportation.  Occasionally volunteers with specialized expertise in areas that correspond with any of the projects will give audio/visual, or interactive presentations to students at a particular chapter, especially if it illustrates how a concept they are examining in their MESA meetings applies to real-life situations.  Volunteers have also given presentations on similarly relevant topics, such as post-secondary education access, careers, and multiculturalism.


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