The Oregon MESA Alumni Endowed Scholarship

We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the Oregon MESA Alumni Endowed Scholarship! As countless middle and high school students historically underrepresented in STEM continue to explore their potential in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through our school programming, we are now excited to extend this support to our alumni currently attending Portland State University, as they keep developing their talents and following their passions.  

The scholarship is currently accepting applications until May 1st, 2024. Visit this link to apply and to find out more information!

This scholarship was made possible by the generous contribution of long-time MESA champion and supporter Angela Jackson:

“MESA works by meeting people where they are and creating equal opportunities for middle and high school students. I wondered what little incentive it would take to encourage MESA students to continue pursuing their academic goals at PSU after they have already created such strong ties with the university through MESA. This scholarship works inside this framework, creating more access and equal opportunities, meeting the students where they are.”

The Oregon MESA Alumni Endowed Scholarship provides MESA alumni at PSU with financial assistance to achieve their academic and career goals. The funds will help cover tuition, textbooks, and other educational expenses, easing the financial burden of higher education costs. The scholarship helps us ensure that students historically underrepresented in STEM fields have the opportunity to excel academically and fuel the innovation economy with diverse, talented leaders. While the application is not open yet, we expect MESA alumni currently enrolled at Portland State University in a STEM degree program to be able to apply for the Oregon MESA Alumni Endowed Scholarship by 2024. More information will be available in December, 2023. 


Contribute to the Scholarship

The generous support of Angela Jackson has launched this historic MESA scholarship fund,  and in order to continue making a significant impact in the lives of our students and alumni, we also need the support of our community members. Angela shared: 

“One person really makes a difference. I was moved to start this scholarship after witnessing the generosity of a previous MESA staff member who donated to MESA. I hope my effort now will encourage anybody who wants to make a tangible difference to make a contribution, or even start their own scholarship. I am happy to get this one started, and I hope that I am not the only one who sees its value. It is an easy way to create opportunities for students who come to PSU and support them on their journey to high-paying jobs that create multi generational wealth transfer.” 

Make a contribution today to help us expand the reach of the scholarship and provide additional financial aid to our students. Your generosity will directly contribute to our mission. Visit https://giving.psuf.org/mesaendowed to contribute to the scholarship or visit our Donate page and find out more information on how we can create a brighter and more equitable STEM future together.