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The MESA partnership model connects students, teachers, schools, and families with universities, community colleges, industry leaders and government programs.


We partner with postsecondary institutions to acquaint our students with a variety of opportunities. If you are interested in hosting MESA students on your campus for tours, presentations, STEM workshops, and college access events, please connect with us.


MESA works closely with industry to ensure students have the skills needed to maintain their global competitive advantage. If you would like to learn more about becoming an industry partner, please connect with us.


We partner with other nonprofit community organizations so that our collective resources go further in achieving our missions. We look for partners who are equally committed to students' academic and professional development.

We are happy to offer helpful assets to our nonprofit community partners, such as access to computer and lab facilities, opportunities for presenting to and teaching students historically underrepresented in STEM, as well as the space for such activities.

In turn, we are looking for partners who can present speakers to our students, and offer student workshops or classes that build on the skills students are learning in MESA.

Connect by emailing ormesa@pdx.edu or visit our Contact page.

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