Boosting student skills and confidence in all academic areas.

The foundation of Oregon MESA is our school-based invention education program — the only adaptable, prototype-driven math, engineering, and science program for traditionally underrepresented students that takes an ecosystems approach to education. Every year, MESA schools, families, businesses, and mentors work together to empower the technology-based workforce of the future.

Advancing Equity

MESA programs help underserved, underrepresented students realize both equity of opportunity and equity of ownership. We meet people where they are in life, understand their unique needs and challenges, and tailor programming to be culturally and socially responsive to the regions we serve. We also recognize and address barriers students face, giving them the resources they need to learn and thrive through:

  • Curriculum design
  • Family engagement
  • School- and community-based partnerships
  • Relatable role models

Equity of ownership comes when students, families, schools and communities have a deeply personal stake in their own success and feel the pride of owning their achievements.


Inspiring Inventors

The traditional Oregon MESA Schools Program (MSP) offers student opportunities through six key program areas:

  • After-school STEM programs aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), led by MESA teachers (“Advisors”) at students’ schools
  • Mentorship by local university students
  • Family involvement and advocacy
  • Field trips and classroom visits for career awareness
  • Team-based engineering design competitions
  • College access programming

Learn more about K-12 program (MSP) and our community college program (MCCP):