MESA introduces STEM Coaching Program

Our students are at the heart of MESA and with the new remote learning environment, we understand more than ever the need for support of our students. The STEM Coaching Program is a partnership between Oregon MESA and PSU-LSAMP, designed to connect students with college and career coaches who will guide them according to their prospective needs. Our coaches are professionals, graduate, and undergraduate students in STEM, and they will assist our students in discerning the right path for success. From help with assignments to advice on admissions and career pathways, the STEM Coaching program has it all. The STEM Coaching program gives MESA a great opportunity to have direct access to our students and determine what their needs are and how best we can help them reach their goals.

On the need for the STEM Coaching Program, Oregon MESA’s Program Coordinator, Bianca Cha-Camp, has this to say, “There are two major reasons a coaching program is so important for our students. The first is closing the connection gap.  During the COVID-19  pandemic, we’ve all been unable to interact as openly and as often as we normally would on a day to day basis. For students, this is especially true. They aren’t seeing their peers as often and not meeting potential mentors. The STEM Coaching program will be a way for students to have access to peers and role-models who have similar interests. The second reason is to provide equitable access to mentorship. Students who are underrepresented in STEM fields often don’t have family connections that could introduce them to STEM professionals or college student mentors. MESA has a large network, and we’re leveraging those connections to help students find quality coaches in the STEM fields.”

Students are encouraged to join this new program by submitting this interest form.

More information on the STEM Coaching Program can be found here.